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Summer Course 2023

Literacy Launch Pad
Preparing for School Success

August 21 ~ 25

Building School Readiness Skills through Guided Practice

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Prepare your child for a successful academic journey with this transformative course. Designed specifically for children entering Kindergarten, this one week program focuses on developing strong reading and writing foundations through guided practice. 

Course Focus: At the heart of this course is the goal to equip your child with the essential skills needed for school readiness. We understand that a solid foundation in reading and writing is crucial for academic success. Through targeted instruction and guided practice, we nurture their abilities to ensure they enter school with confidence and competence. 


Reading Foundations: We place a strong emphasis on building reading foundations. From phonemic awareness and letter recognition to an introduction to sight words, your child will develop the necessary skills to unlock the world of books. Guided reading exercises and interactive activities will enhance their comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary, setting them on a path to becoming proficient readers. 

Writing Foundations: Our course empowers your child to express their thoughts and ideas through guided writing practice. From forming letters correctly to constructing sentences, they will develop foundational skills that build confidence in their writing abilities. We will provide personalized guidance, ensuring that each child progresses at their own pace. 

Guided Practice:  We believe in the power of active learning, and our course incorporates guided practice throughout. Engaging and interactive activities, such as phonics and word building exercises, as well as collaborative writing tasks, keep your child fully engaged and excited about learning. Through hands-on experiences, they will reinforce their skills and develop a love for reading and writing.


Individualized Support:  We specialize in early childhood education and understand the unique needs of young learners. We provide individualized attention and support to each child, ensuring that they receive the guidance they need to thrive. We foster a nurturing environment where questions are encouraged, curiosity is celebrated, and every child's progress is valued. 

Course Schedule:  The course spans over one week, allowing time for your child to absorb and reinforce their skills prior to the official start of the school year. Class times are Monday through Friday from 10:00 - 11:00 am.  Classes are recorded in order to offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy routines, ensuring a stress-free learning experience. Enrollment is now open, and spaces are limited, so secure your child's spot today! 

Limited Time Offer: Take advantage of incredible savings by registering before August 1st! Secure your spot now and enjoy this discounted price. Don't miss out on this opportunity to save big on this exceptional program. 
Register today!

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